They're independent and non-commercial. They're free artistically. They conquer. They dare. They make statements and choose unconventional storylines and subjects. They are independent filmmakers. They are our hero's. And it is for them that we organise this festival. To show off their beautiful work. We celebrate the filmmaker in all glory. From the 9th of December to the 11th we host the sixth edition of the Eindhoven Film Festival.

A powerful filmprogram with beautiful animations, exceptional fiction films and daring documentaries. We also serve a colourful menu of masterclasses and workshops. We open this year's theme with a Round Table Conversation: 'Film is dead. Long live film!'. Come and argue, discuss and agree with us on how new media is going to influence the future of film, how to prepare for it and how to enhance our creativity by it.

On Sunday we host the 'Golden Wings Award Show' where we will reward our independent filmmakers in 15 categories.

And don't forget - our Public's Choice Award - which will include a DVD Distribution in BENELUX!

See you there!